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Amazon / FBA / E-commerce  

The last 2 years our manual labor crew, mostly has been handling E-commerce goods.

Guided with Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) our warehouse crew is always aware of the restrictions a shipment has. 

One of the biggest concerns of our clients was that their goods will be denied when it arrives at the Amazon Warehouse.

Due to the strict regulations for pallets, labels and height they were rejected and clients faced high penalties, double costs for palletizing and transport. 

While using our warehouse service for palletizing your E-commerce goods we GUARANTEE no penalties or double costs due to rejection by the warehouse of Amazon or any other E-Commerce Distribution Centre. 

For unloading/stripping the container we only use conveyorbelts, so there will be no throwing, pushing or shoving of the boxes. 

We use only A-quality EPAL pallets for destinations which require EPAL pallets, and certified UK BLOCK pallets for UK.

We use only 23 Micron foil 

Incoming labels are ALL CHECKED for readability and were there is need, it will be replaced with a new label 

After palletizing every pallet is manually checked 2 more times if all labels are facing outside.

The measurements of the pallet including the cargo is laser scanned to check if they are still in gauge as per requirements. 

After all these checkpoints, WE GUARANTEE NO MORE PENALTIES.

If there is any blaim to the cargo caused by our crew, we will take all penalties on our account.

Year to date Zero claims *updated 07-09-2020




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